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Fall 2018 Army Football Schedule

Fall 2017 Army Football Schedule


Black Knights Have Three Venues For Viewing Army Football:

Armed Forces Bowl

Saturday 23 December 2017: Army vs. San Diego State  Game time 1230 Pacific.  West Pointers of Seattle foregather at: Sam’s Tavern, 400 9th Ave. North, Seattle.  This is an over-21 tavern.  Their number is 206-453-5493

Saturday 23 December 2017: Army vs. San Diego State  Game time 1230 Pacific.  West Point Society of Washington and Puget Sound foregather at: The Fan Club Sports Bar, Lakewood, WA.  This is an over-21 bar.  Their number is 253-984-8000.

Saturday 23 December 2017: Army vs. San Diego State  Game time 1230 Pacific.  F.O.B. Brewing Company features Army Football when on a channel they receive, e.g., ESPN, Fox, the broadcast stations.  This is a family-friendly establishment.  Their number is 253-507-4667.

Go Army!  Beat Navy!

Saturday 30 December 2017: All Service Academies Ball.  USAF Parents host this year.  Here is their Save The Date Flyer:


Registration is now open here.  There you will also find the link to the hotel with great rates — King size 2 room suite $99.00 including Free shuttles to and from the ball and overnight parking for only 8.00.  Rooms are limited so hurry!

Ball Tickets are $75.00 and $50.00 for Cadets and Midshipman.



Founders Day 2017
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 WPSWPS Dues:  For those who are not familiar with WPSWPS, we collect annual dues of $20.  We usually send out 2 reminders per year: one just after Founders Day and another about 6 months later.  We use the dues to help fund events like the Army-Navy tailgate, luncheons, Cadet Fitness Assessment, speaker costs, etc.  We are not funded by AOG nor do we send in funds to them unless we receive a service (registration or credit card processing fees, for example).  So if you have not done so this year, please send this membership form and a check to our treasurer, John Velliquette at the address below.  Please make your check out to WPSWPS.  Or, for online membership and dues pay, please go here.

John Velliquette
8110 172nd Ave E
Sumner, WA 98390



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