Seeking AOG Western Regional Advisor

Good morning,

AOG is looking for a Western Regional Advisor to serve 3 years on the Advisory council. Below is a description of the position. Please let me know if you are interested and I will be glad to help you. John Higgins, from WA, is stepping down and it would be great if we had another person from our state to serve on the council.

Regional Advisors serve 3 year terms, and may be elected to consecutive terms.  One Regional Advisor slot is open for election each year.  Advisory Council Meetings typically are held quarterly at West Point.  Travel costs fall to the individual.  Be advised that those serving on the Board of Directors and Advisory Council are in fact expected to donate not only their time while representing their region, but also monetarily to the AOG!

If anyone desires to run for this office, three things are required:

  1. A statement of support (nomination) from their AOG Society, highlighting their support to West Point and their local Society;
  2. A letter from the candidate confirming their willingness to serve on the Advisory Council; their involvement with USMA / AOG activities; and explaining what qualities they would bring to the AOG, representing the Western Region;
  3. A “military bio” highlighting their military career and subsequent association with West Point and the AOG.


Van Sawin
President, WPSWPS