A Letter From The Superintendent

The Letter from LTG Robert  L. Caslen, Jr.

Cover letter from Jim Johnston, ’73, Vice President for Alumni Support & Business Operations, West Point Association of Graduates:

LTG Caslen has asked WPAOG to forward the attached letter to you. His letter asks you to help USMA activities such as Admissions expand their outreach into your communities. Specifically, he asks you to engage influential community leaders to facilitate USMA access to high quality candidates with diverse backgrounds. As secretary of WPAOG’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee, I am working with our President & CEO, Bob McClure ’76; the chair of WPAOG’s Diversity & Inclusion Committee, Andre Sayles ’73; and representatives of USMA agencies to develop WPAOG’s strategy to support your community outreach activities.

At this point, please discuss the Superintendent’s letter within your Society, and, where possible, share it with Parents Club and Field Force members in your region. I invite you to share information on what you are already doing in this mission area, as well as your thoughts on what WPAOG might do to assist you in responding to the Superintendent’s request.

Thank you for your continuing service to West Point-in this mission areas and in many others.