WPPC-NJ 2014 Challenge Coin Project

This is a project of West Point Parents Club of New Jersey:

The WPPCNJ has sponsored a Class Fund fundraiser for the last two classes and intends on continuing this effort for all classes in the future.  This fundraiser involves producing and selling very detailed and exquisite Challenge Coins that contain the West Point Crest on the front and the Class Crest on the back along with their R-Day and Graduation day dates.  We have obtained official approval from West Point Trademarks for the West Point Seal as well as the Class President and DCA approval for each Class Crest. Every penny of profit goes to the Class Fund and we are building quite a reputation based on the quality of these coins. Since this effort is manned from volunteers from the WPPCNJ, every penny of profit goes to the Class Fund and the amounts are growing nicely.

Here is the flyer with pictures and order info.