Fort McDowell Cemetery

Dempsey Darrow, ’75, offers this West Point-related historical edification:

Mary and I drove over to the Ft. McDowell Cemetery today; it’s only ten minutes from the house. It’s now under the purview of the Yavapai Nation.

As a lot of you know, when George Crook addressed the “Indian Question” in Arizona Territory he used friendly Apaches as “scouts” to follow the trails of the hostiles. Some of these men are buried there. Also interred there is Carlos Montezuma, a remarkable Apache who was born in the area and went on to become a doctor.

Then there are the Indians who died in Skeleton Cave. Their remains are in the cemetery in a mass grave. If you’re not familiar with this fight on the bank of the Salt River you probably should be because as West Point graduates it’s part of our legacy.

I’ve provided a couple of pertinent links. Here is a little of what we saw.